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What We Do

Scaffold Consultancy

If you have a project, which requires scaffolding and you’re not sure exactly what you need, we can help. See below for some of the core services we can help with:

Scaffold Inspection

We can offer a detailed and thorough scaffold inspection service, for various situations. All inspectors will always be fully compliant and trained, with extensive years of knowledge within the scaffold industry.

As well as that knowledge, our design partners ‘Agile Design Consultancy’, are always on hand should something be built different to the design. With pictures and the design info they can advise on whether the structure is fit for purpose and then issue an EDC (Engineering confirmation). This can save time and money, as rectifying the scaffold may not be necessary if it is still fit-for-purpose.

Harness & PPE Inspection

We can offer a detailed and thorough harness and PPE inspection service. Ensuring that all PPE being used is compliant. We can also make recommendations for improving the PPE used to help benefit the user.

Anchor Pull-Tests

Drilled anchors are very frequently used to secure scaffold structures. We can offer a service to make sure these anchors can support the loads being placed upon them.


We can offer various types of hoarding solutions for any project. Any hoarding requirement can be fully designed by our design partners ‘Agile Design Consultancy Ltd’.

Why use us


Might be a strange one for some but we genuinely like to help, wherever we can. It feels good and benefits everyone.


We like to be straight with people. There’s simply no point pretending you can do something and not delivering. If there’s something we can’t handle, we will let you know and point you in the direction of someone who will be able to help.


Anyone that works with us will always have the appropriate training for the tasks they are carrying out. No grey areas here, fully compliant and nothing else.


Everyone seems to say things like ‘we have 20 years experienced’ or something similar. Well, we do have many years of experience in the services we can offer and we have quality experience. We think this is the important part. We offer quality experience as all work we have undertaken throughout the years of experience has been of a high standard and will always be a high standard. We want you to use us again and again, only by doing things really well, will this happen.

Who we are


Mr John Gardner leads the company and has been involved with scaffolding in one form or another for enough years to be highly skilled. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to specify exactly how many, ha, but it’s over 2 decades.

John’s experience in and around big projects is second to none. From working on the tools on complex scaffolds, to managing big sites and delivering for the scaffold company and the client.

Nobody knows everything and John is no exception to that! He welcomes others’ perspectives and ideas for anything and everything involved in a project.

As much as he wants to achieve his goals, he strongly wants others to also achieve theirs.

Meaningful engagement and integrity are important qualities always needed in any field and it’s engrained in John’s DNA to be like this.

Team Members

Let’s get straight to it here. Anybody that works with us, will have the qualities of that of the owner and managers. We say ‘with’ on purpose. Business is not us and them. It has to be a relationship that works for both and we strive to make it feel like a professional relationship.

A good way to compare this, is to that of a sports team. The guys need to be close to rely upon each other but also need to be professional to achieve anything.

All team members are skilled at what they do, from the guys inspecting the scaffolds to those measuring the ply for a hoarding project.

We will know them and know what they can do. What they excel in and what they need help with.

Nobody undertakes any tasks alone unless they are fully trained and compliant in the task.

Green = Go!
So, go enquire and we'll get right back to you!